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Mobile marketers are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to the many different ways to advertise their product or service on a cell phone!  These days, people can use even standard phones (or what my dad likes to call “dumb phones”) to access the internet, check their email, and (of course) text message.  The continued growth of the smartphone in the mobile marketplace opens up even more channels, as people use apps to read the news, play games, or use social networking sites.  Check out the development of various cell phone functions over the past five years (there is no data available for 2011, sadly!):

SSS Sat 7

As the chart shows, 82 percent of cell phone owners now use their phones to text, making that the most commonly used cell phone function.  But texting only holds this title by a few points, as 79 percent of owners also use their phones to take pictures.  Interestingly, accessing the internet was once the least common usage of a cell phone, but now it has risen past playing games to be the third-most common use for cell phones by a pretty wide margin. 

With consumers and cell phone users being more connected to the internet than ever, most marketers recognize the exciting and growing potential of mobile marketing channels!  Do you have any mobile marketing anecdotes you’d like to share with us?  Tell us in the comments and share your stories! 

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