We promised to bring you Tuesday Teasers and Saturday Stats from the DMA 2013 Statistical Fact Bookevery week leading up to DMA2013 – and we’re just days away from the biggest event of the year for data-driven marketers.  Thank you for making this series a great conversation space about data-driven marketing, and we hope to keep the conversation going after it’s done!

Data-driven marketers care about customer privacy—it’s part of responsible data stewardship.  So we weren’t surprised in the slightest to find out that 60 percent of marketers describe taking steps to protect customer data and privacy as “a top priority” in 2013.  In fact, the number of companies who don’t describe data protection as a priority top out at a combined 16 percent—less than a fifth.

Over four-fifths of companies dealing with data intend to take steps to protect their customers’ data and privacy in 2013.  Now that’s responsible data-driven marketing!

 SSS TT 10

Does your organization plan to take additional steps to protect customer data and privacy?  Any comments, criticisms, or observations of your own?  Let us know in the comments!


Our Saturday Stats and Tuesday Teasers come to you each week leading up to our DMA2013 Conference in Chicago. To take a deeper dive into the material covered in the Fact Book, please click here. 

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