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Figuring out where people are is the first step towards making a connection.  These days there are a number of digital avenues of communication, each with its own associations of security, intimacy, or accessibility.  Effective business-to-consumer and business-to-business communication has to happen in an online space where there is a level of comfort. 

Among five categories of email, Facebook, Twitter, any smartphone app, and texting, email is consistently the most preferred method of communication for marketers, and for consumers with and without smartphones.  In most cases, email beats the next closest category by a wide margin, except for consumers with smartphones, whose attention is split near-evenly between email and Facebook (36% versus 31% of consumers).    Consumers without smartphones favored email the most and by the widest margin compared to other avenues of communication (49% versus the next-closest category, Facebook, at 26%).

Check out this chart and see where people prefer to communicate:

SSS Sat 4

Although email has been around for the longest time (out of these choices), and most people are comfortable communicating by email, it is interesting to see how owning a smartphone seems to give the strongest boost to other channels.  Join in on the discussion in the comments below—where do you like to connect with the brands and companies you trust?

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