IBM’s supercomputer Watson just got stronger and cheaper, as the New York Times reported:  

Welcome to the age of supercomputing for everyone. On Thursday IBM will announce that Watson, the computing system that beat all the humans on “Jeopardy!” two years ago, will be available in a form more than twice as powerful via the Internet.

Watson Jeopardy

 Who or what is Watson, exactly?  As IBM explains it: 

 Watson combines natural language processing, machine learning, and hypothesis generation and evaluation to generate direct, confidence-based responses.

As the data-driven world becomes more and more complex, it’s no wonder that a mega-computer like Watson would be stretching its muscles and capabilities as well. 

Even more importantly, as the New York Times article goes on to explain, IBM’s work to make Watson more easily available reflects the speed at which the technology industry is transforming from expensive, complex systems that only the largest companies could afford — to a model that allows even small business to access technology and tools that they would not have had just a few years ago.

How are YOU using cutting-edge, super-smart technology to drive success in your business?  Let us know.  


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