This was the main question at ECHO Day, which took place on Sunday at &THEN. ECHO Day consisted of 4 panels that featured a wide variety of ECHO winners from previous years, discussing their experience with the awards. The presentations ran the gamut from zombies invading your email, a Nigerian prince trying to sell his liquid gold & silver, all the way to the sounds of satisfaction, no industry was left untouched.

Capturing all of the insight and creativity discussed within the room may be an impossible task, but below are some of the highlights from DMA’s first ECHO Day

The day kicked off with a panel discussing what goes into writing an award winning creative brief, the panel was moderated by Jennifer Monaghan, Chairman ECHO Board of Governors and featured Debbie Roth, Echo Judging Chairperson & Japs Olson, Todd Winters, Group Creative Director, Javelin Agency and Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer, Wilde Agency.

While many people feel like the brief can be a bit of a chore, the panel discussed how a well written creative brief is essential in kicking off the design process. Todd Winters mentioned how each brief should have a “wait, what, wow!” moment.

Following in line with the &THEN theme of “The Science of Creativity,” the next panel dove into the science of creativity within ECHO award winning campaigns. The panel was moderated by Bill Burkart, President / Wunderman Data Management, and featured Josh Blacksmith, Echo Judging Chairperson / SVP Group Management Director, FCB Chicago, Paul McNamera, Company Director / Republik, Andrew Sims, Regional Creative Director / Republik, Jennifer Monaghan, Chairman ECHO Board of Governors on the panel.

Being an excellent showcase of the theme, the panelists screened the video for the “Haus of Versant” campaign, done by Republik’s for Fuli/Xerox. The campaign hooked local fashion students up with Fuji/Xerox, and had them design clothes that could be printed by their new printer, the Versant 2100. The video is embedded below, but make sure to check out the ECHO Elite profile for more on the campaign.

The next session focused on emotions and the role they play in winning an ECHO. The panel was stacked with creative directors, being moderated by Susie Lim, Group Creative Director / Wunderman LA and Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer / Wilde Agency, and featured James Wintraub, Creative Director / Express Scripts and Craig Evans, Chief Creative Officer / Wunderman Seattle on the panel.

The final session of the day took a look at the way that technology plays a role in awards winning ECHO campaigns. Moderated by Pradeep Kumar, Global Data Officer / FCB, the panel featured John Gim, VP Advanced Analytics Solutions / Rapp LA, Chip Wood, Vice-President Client Service / Wunderman Data Management and Bill Burkart, President / Wunderman Data Management. The conversation included discussion on technology’s role in data, science, and creativity, and also covered what marketers need to do in order to keep up with how rapidly technology advances.

Diving into some technology-focused ECHO Award winners, the panel showcased and discussed the strategy and results for campaigns for Volvo, Toyota and Coke Zero. These campaigns showcase technologies including virtual reality, real time content creation and personalized content. The video for the “Drinkable Advertising” campaign by Ogilvy New York for Coke Zero is below, for more information, check out our ECHO Elite profile on the campaign.

To see the full list of ECHO Winners check out the press release from the event, and for more information about echo head to