BruneteBorja Gutiérrez, the mayor of the small Spanish city of Brunete, listens to his constituents.  They told him to do something about the dog droppings that littered the city streets.  Forget advertising campaigns, pleas to civic pride or imposing fines.

What worked?   Data-driven direct “return” delivery.  As featured in this New York Times article, he engaged a small army of volunteers to bag it, box it and send it back to its owners.  Using data gathered through personal contact and the public pet registry, the mayor literally packaged up the left behind mess and hand delivered it back to the owner.  Some laughed, but all got the message.

Apparently, special delivery has a new meaning in Brunete these days, and pet owners get suspicious when asked their pets’ names!

Now THAT is seeing data (and data-driven direct mail) very differently – with exceptional results.

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This is the eleventh installment of the DMA “See Data Differently” series as part of our newly relaunched National Center for Data-Driven Marketing (NCDM).

Join us at our annual “big data” conference, NCDM: Where Marketing Meets Big Data, and SEE DATA DIFFERENTLY.

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