John Immesoete, Chief Creative Officer at Ryan Partnership, poses a great question, one every modern marketer should be contemplating: are we entering an age of dis-content? If the answer’s yes, how can today’s savvy marketer deliver content that’s relevant, creative, and inspiring? John’s candid thoughts below- thanks for the write-up- and the insight- John!

I recently came across a headline in The Onion that screamed, “Sponsored Content Pretty Freaking Awesome.” The headline was accompanied by a college recruiting-type photo of impossibly happy coeds reviewing some type of content on their notebooks.

The spot-on snarkiness of the article and photo captures—in a way only The Onion can—a creeping suspicion I’ve had for the past few years; Is the prevalence of cheap content and it’s very ubiquity causing the content itself to be less than special?

Technology often outpaces artistry. Those who embrace a technological edge early often make a quick buck and inspire a host of followers.  We’ve witnessed this in today’s digital age of marketing.

Now that digital technology is accessible to almost every agency and marketer, the question becomes – what’s next?

Today, simply “being there” isn’t enough. Brands now have to “be something,” and go beyond just providing content.  Brands are called to craft content, vet it, screen it and actually make it compelling.  This extra responsibility can be challenging to marketing departments that are already spread thin.

Content creation requires a strategy, just as any other marketing tactic. It has to serve a purpose and help achieve marketing objectives. Content should be delivered through the proper channels at the proper cadence. Creative is a major component, but it can only do so much to support poor content.

Content today requires real ‘Big Idea’ thinking, creative inspiration and genuine craftsmanship.

I recommend checking your content against three necessary criteria. First off, is it cool? That’s not debatable.  Second, do I find it insulting to my intelligence?  In fact, it makes me feel smarter.  And third, did I mention that sponsored content is just really freaking cool?

John Immesoete’s background as a copywriter, creative director, and creative leader includes many clients across many platforms and many disciplines. John has written and created award-winning creative for platforms as diverse as television advertising, radio, digital, mobile, shopper, social and television programming. Past clients have included McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Nintendo, Hallmark, Kraft, Allstate, BMW, The Independent Film Channel, Coke, and many others.

Creating big ideas that breakthrough and engage the consumer is a hallmark of John’s work. John has created numerous commercials that won USA Today’s prestigious Super Bowl Ad Meter, many others that placed in the top ten, and has written and directed work that has won every award in the advertising world.

Other awards John has received include ten Cannes Lions, three Grand Clios, many gold Clios, The
London International Festival Grand Prizes, The Cannes Radio Gran Prix, three Mercury radio
Grand Prize Winners, The New York Festivals Grand Prize Winner, three commercials in The One
Show’s Best Beer Commercials ever, and many other awards.

John holds a Bachelors Degree form Iowa State University. He is involved in the Directors Guild of
America and The Writer’s Guild of America.

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