There’s Data aplenty – but where’s the Creative that takes advantage of data? Can rules-driven ad messages really move anybody to emotion or to action?

In his keynote address at &THEN 2017, creative and content veteran Alan Schulman (Managing Director, Brand Creative & Content, Deloitte Digital) explored how savvy brands are improvising in real time and leveraging the power of “nowness” to create emotionally resonant data-driven creative.


“Jazz and marketing both require that we are creative on demand,” said Schulman. “In jazz we improvise with notes, not different from the data we use in marketing.” He also observed that in marketing people collaborate in groups, but still have the opportunity to stand out as soloists.

But how can the data and creative sides come together? “We have this propensity to say ‘Data’s one side of the brain, and all the creative people are on the other side of the brain.’” But Schulman rejects that approach.

View Schulman’s keynote from &THEN 2017 below to see how data and marketing players are using data to fuel more emotional creative experiences and consumer connections:

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