According to an MIT and SAS Institute survey, 74% of marketing managers said access to useful data improved the ability to deepen bonds with their most valuable constituents.  In his “Data Analytics” presentation at DMA Nonprofit Federation’s Nonprofit Digital Day, Kevin Moran, Co-Founder and Principal of Integral, offered a “checklist” for measuring and using data in nonprofit marketing campaigns. Though he referenced several metrics for measuring data, the one he ranked as most important was “qualified visitor valuation.”

“Traffic analysis alone provides a very limited perspective,” said Moran. “The one metric you really should know is value per qualified visitor.”

Qualified visitor valuation enables marketers to quantify their e-communities and determine who is most likely to make a donation or purchase a product, based on current and past behavior. From the general pool of qualified visitors, marketers can separate individuals by different levels of engagement, such as leads, involved constituents, and donors.

In addition to tracking the value of website visitors, marketers can use data analysis to track the value of the members currently subscribed on their email lists.

“Keep an eye on unsubscribes and other at risk activities,” said Moran. “If  high value groups start to quietly unsubscribe, they may be disengaged with your organization. Respond and give these donors a little more love.”

Monitoring these quantifiable results through qualified visitor valuation and email data will enable nonprofit marketers to adjust their campaigns and better communicate with their target audiences.


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