Peg Kuman is the lead instructor for DMA’s Institute for Marketing Data Governance, as well as the Vice Chairman of Relevate. She is a pioneer in the field of Data Governance and never ceases to provide the very best strategic insight on best practices and compliance. Here, she tells us what she’s hearing and what’s coming down the pike in all matters of Marketing Data Governance today— and down the road!

The biggies:

  • Mobile, Data Privacy and Security and Do Not Track- watch and read what Congress will be proposing, what the FTC is recommending, and what the States are doing in all matters of consumer privacy, data breaches, and the use and security around data
  • Learn what your trade associations are doing and thinking in response to all of the activity, and make sure you weigh in
  • Understand how your company handles, manages, transmits and processes data- across all of your brands, products, services and channels

While it is not complex- it is complicated. Doing Data Governance correctly for your organization is unique to your mission, and your culture. You may need to rethink it a bit. I see simple things that you might need to address or update:

  • Really easy- make sure all of your web facing information is copyrighted for 2013….
  • Also really easy- check your Privacy Policy, and make sure your last update date is this year – not 2011

And, I see more difficult things you need to do- address your social media policy head on- don’t   rely on what FB, Twitter and others do- yes if you have Fans and Followers, absolutely employ all of their language in your policies, but also think about how your employees use social- and are they speaking as your employee, for your brand? Or, are they speaking for themselves, personally.  The best of class companies are embracing the use of social, [frankly, as the classes of new employees move up the ladder, it will become ubiquitous in your company if it isn’t already…] They employ language in both privacy policies and employee policies on use of social— the leaders encourage use of social and encourage speaking about the company and the brand in a positive and recruitment oriented way—they address head on how to speak about the competition, what not to say and how best to reply.

I see, no doubt you do, mobile as the next responder and transactional frontier…brush up on the most recent FTC Report and Recommendations on Mobile Privacy Disclosures- Privacy By Design, Simplified Consumer Choice, and Greater Transparency…it was issued on February 1st…worth the read.

 And always – if you put your Customer first and your Brand first in all things data, then by default, you want to be trustworthy, fair and of value. The basic tenets of marketing data governance- Data Privacy, Data Security, Data Stewardship and Data Provenance- when balancing trust with innovation and profit will afford you and your brand a long life into the future.

Blogs — just enough space to provide you some food for thought. Comment here and let this blogger know how you are addressing data governance in your own organization, and if it’s an easy thing to improve and address, or if it has great complications.

Have a great day, and remember, data does drive our economy.

 Peg Kuman is a senior executive with over 40 years of professional expertise in Direct and Digital Marketing. She is regarded as an expert in the use of data and information for commerce, matters of privacy, compliance, and voice communications. Ms. Kuman’s broad experience includes the design and development of data and information based logic and matching systems for business and consumer marketing across numerous sectors. Examples include: telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, publishing, retail, consumer package goods, financial services, banking, insurance and health care, among others. She has testified on matters of consumer privacy and information business practices before Congress and the Federal Trade Commission.

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