As modern marketers, mobile is constantly on our minds and, more often than not, in our hands—literally. So what matters most when it comes to Mobile Marketing? How can we develop well-defined mobile strategies to propel our businesses and organizations forward in 2013 and beyond? Stats from Econsultancy’s recent Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Report suggest that only 25% of the mobile mainstream has a “well-defined mobile strategy” in place, and only 28% are tracking performance indicators specific to their mobile programs. These numbers beg the question, “Why aren’t companies responding to the growth in mobile with more developed, robust strategies?” Is it limited resources? A rush to “go live?” Not enough bandwidth? Find out more HERE in the full (and free!) Econsultancy Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Report. Published in association with Kontagent, it’s based on a January 2013 survey of both client-side and agency respondents.

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