As I return home from Chicago and the DMA Annual conference I set myself to the task of unpacking my suitcase and my brain of all the conference take aways. I sift through the used gum wrappers, scribbled notes, collection of tweets and stacks of business cards to find those revenue generating ideas that always follow me home after a productive show like DMA 2013.


Scattered amongst the free pieces of chocolate I picked up from your booth, when you weren’t looking, are the latest and greatest of publications – such as Lisa Arthur’s book Big Data Marketing and Scott Stratten’s how-NOT-to manual – QR Codes Kill Kittens.

There are also the tschotskes that I thought might be a riot to bring back for my team or my kid to play with that exist alongside the collection of tweets  reviewing the magic moments of the conference.  My favorite – “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” Terry Jones #DMA2013


As I dig through the 6 days I spent in Chicago both mentally and tactilely I find that my best take aways come from the quiet time, the intensive time, the well-rested time – the pre-conference intensives. Time spent focused on a core area of marketing often yields invaluable ideas and results. Missed it? Check out Lindsey Lavine’sinsights from the DM University with Beth Smith on creating offers or relive some of what Ernan Roman shared.

If you came home with only candy wrappers and a stack of your own business cards you may want to consider accessing some of the preconference magic with online and in person intensives available throughout the year and checking out the some of the insightful quotes from our experts.

B2B – “B-to-B marketers are still people, so we can appeal to them in consumer-like terms, making the message personal and warm and friendly, and making a compelling motivational offer.” – Ruth Stevens

Data Governance – “Marketing Data, big or small, is just a piece to a much larger puzzle. Striking a balance between marketing innovation and best practices will afford our businesses the opportunity to experiment, create, and grow freely and without fear of regulation.” – Peg Kuman

Fast and Furious Creative – “Without copy that sells, you’re at the mercy of what the competition does.”  – Herschell Gordon Lewis…

Customer Experience  –  “All marketers think they know what their customers want. How many of them are wrong? How many lose sales because they’re not hearing the “voice of the customer”? Can you be sure your customers are satisfied with the experience you think they want?” – Ernan Roman

Direct Marketing University –   “There is no always in direct marketing.” – Beth Smith



“See you in San Diego for sure; if  i don’t see you before!” – Gina Scala




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