I love hearing stories from marketers about how they turn the rivers of data their customers generate for them into meaningful programs that, in turn, fosters true engagement and loyalty.

I heard two stories at a recent meeting of high-level marketing execs that I wanted to share with you because they illustrate how you can draw insights from your data to shape your content programs:

  1. A major cable-TV channel uses viewer and other data to create a highly detailed list of its viewers’ core values and beliefs. This list is central to everything it does, even when developing concepts for new shows.   The company weighs almost every decision it makes against these values. Whatever doesn’t fit in won’t get the green light to continue, even if it has terrific commercial potential.
  2. A radio network that produces original reporting uses listener and marketing data to create distinct listener profiles. These profiles shape all programming decisions for both news and feature stories. Any content that falls outside the profiles won’t make it to air.

The results are the same for both companies. Each one has a fanatically devoted following, which translates into high ratings.

Are you giving the same attention to your data to help you – and others at your company – make more customer-friendly decisions? We talk a lot about using data to drive more relevant campaigns, but it’s really more than that. How can you use data to help your customers more easily contact your company, do business with you or resolve problems?

If you want to brag about a customer-centric initiative you launched, use the comments section below to tell us about it.

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