Neil O'Keefe of Data & Marketing Assocation (DMA)

Complicated Technology Makes Life Simple and Safe

I embrace CES and look forward to all of the time saving and time managing technology that comes from CES each year. Efficiency and peace of mind are top on my list and seems to be the case at CES this year. Connected smart homes and video integration will allow our existing phones powered by augmented intelligence and virtual assistants to simplify and secure our daily routines. Look at these items that make life for you and your family safer and more productive.

  • Samsung Family Hub utilizes a grocery-tracking Meal Planner that will recommend recipes based on your family’s food preferences, allergies, and by incorporating a built in camera, the ingredients you have on hand. A new Deals app allows you to save with sale-priced groceries added to your shopping list, or to a supported loyalty card.
  • AR4X Intelligent Camera Robot replaces traditional passive recording devices with proactive camera robots that searches for signs of danger and utilizes facial recognition to identify welcome guests.

  • Vayyar utilizes 3D imaging technology to determine if a person has fallen, track sleeping patterns, and see through walls to detect leaks and infrastructure. Yes. See through walls!
  • Vuzix Blade Alexa enabled AR glasses is the “first fully baked AR product since the failure of Google Glass.” “This is Google Glass, but it actually works.”

Now, as a marketer, think of what you can do with the data generated by these devices.

Hey Google! I’m in love with Alexa. And Siri. And Cortana…

Both Google and Amazon have returned to CES after significant absences and seeing Google again makes by heart skip a beat. Siri is like an old friend. We recognize that voice anywhere. Cortana is a bit more exotic. Sometimes I don’t even know where to find her. Alexa Echo is tall and willowy with fine lines and travels well with her small compact friend Dot. But Google Home…Round and stocky with a great personality…Google Home has stolen my heart and may break hearts at Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. From the beginning I’ve engaged in a close relationship with both ECHO and Google Home. Ok, I admit it, I keep Google in the basement and Alexa in the kitchen (Dot in my office and living room). While Amazon seems to have the early edge, I firmly believe that the breadth of data Google has access to will allow the Google Assistant to catch and eventually surpass Alexa. Maybe even by the end of 2018.

Based on reports from Mashable, Google is coming hard at Apple with its new Google Clips (wearable camera – lookout Go Pro), Pixelbook, Pixel 2XL, and Pixel Buds (headphones that translate language). Amazon is also on notice with Google Home mini and the Google Max (watch out Sonos).

And the drones. Don’t forget the drones!

If only the Las Vegas convention center was lit with Phillips Hue light bulbs, maybe they could have asked Google Assistant or Alexa to turn the lights back on after Vegas found itself in the midst of an “isolated power outage”.

Neil O’Keefe is DMA’s SVP of Content & Marketing.