The foundation of marketing is developing relevant customer experiences. In 2017, over $20 billion was spent on data and solutions to activate data into these experiences. The ability to deliver relevant experience relies upon high-quality data, and that can no longer be guesswork.

Today, we announced that DMA’s Council for Data Integrity – including The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) and 15 DMA member companies – has begun to develop, test and adopt standards for audience data quality and transparency.

Audience data allows marketers to deliver the most relevant and valuable offers to consumers. At a time of elevating global standards for audience-based advertising, the initiative is designed to help marketers, agencies, data providers and publishers identify and make better decisions on high-quality, responsibly-sourced data. DMA aims to deploy a standard data label – much like an FDA-approved nutrition label – that displays data segment ingredients in a simple and transparent fashion.

“DMA is the only trade association representing the entire marketing and media value chain. Our membership diversity enables us to bring to market quickly the label that marketers, agencies and data companies all view as valuable and practical,” said Tom Benton, Data & Marketing Association CEO. “Marketers and agencies need a clear and standard understanding of the source and composition of data they are using. Transparency enables greater relevance and value to the consumer, with elevated integrity and responsibility.”

In fact, speed to market with a very practical first iteration is core to how DMA’s Council for Data Integrity is approaching this initiative. DMA’s goal is to release a proof-of-concept data quality label before year-end that discloses source, collection, segment methodology, recency and cleansing specifics, as well as compliance signals for industry self-governance and global regulatory standards.

Along with CIMM, ARF and DMA this initiative is being driven by 15 DMA member companies, including a Leadership Committee that includes LiveRamp, Neustar and Oracle Data Cloud, and a working group that includes 1-800-FLOWERS, Acxiom, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Experian, FCB/SIX, FullContact, Morgan Digital Ventures, Moxie, Publisher’s Clearing House, TruSignal and the United States Postal Service.

DMA’s Council for Data Integrity is a project of DMA’s Structured Innovation Program, which tackles the most complicated challenges in data and marketing from idea to rapid deployment. In 2016, the program published a Cross-Device Identity Solutions RFI Template, designed to help marketers and agencies simplify and streamline their acquisition of cross-device solutions. In 2017, the program developed a series of animated videos that demystify complexities in cross-platform people-based marketing and attribution. The six bite-sized, easy-to-consume education videos – referred to as Identity IQ – standardize the terms and definitions for these often complex topics.

More information on the Council for Data Integrity: