“The Millennials aren’t slackers – they’re workaholics. They just work differently than the rest of us.” –Neil O’Keefe (DMA’s SVP of Content) on the Millennial Mastermind Podcast

With MBAs becoming less influential, IBM’s CEO Ginny Rometty touting new collar jobs and leading schools creating “Masters in Innovation,” Millennials and GenZ have the opportunity to be innovative in how they consume education and remain abreast of the latest trends. Options abound, including YouTube, LinkedIn and Podcasts.

DMA is unveiling bite-sized learning through video via DMA 360 – an On-Demand intelligence Platform where you can share and compare with the best that marketing has to offer. DMA 360 provides online and on demand intelligence that you can consume on your phone, tablet or laptop.

A well-educated millennial marketer has the ability to utilize data to improve the customer experience in ways that Mad Men Marketers only dreamed about. The person who understands the customer the best will win. In order to win, the millennial marketer must have a disruptive mindset and change the status quo. Venture beyond the traditional. Look to the future. Think digital. Think mobile.

I recently joined Brad Mulvey, founder of Millennial Mastermind and host of the Millennial Mastermind Podcast. In this episode, he and I took a deep look into today’s marketing trends and tomorrow’s possibilities. Brad and I are of the same mind when discussing that “virtual and augmented reality upon us and AI peaking around the corner, the marketing industry is poised to lead the charge with these new technologies.” Hopefully you’ll agree that this episode will “spark your curiosity for what the future holds” and how to stay educated and current on the latest marketing trends.

To learn more about how to keep your marketing skills current, view the podcast at the Millennial Mastermind, checkout DMA’s on-demand Education, or visit DMA360.

Neil O’Keefe – SVP of Content
Data & Marketing Association

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