Here’s a happy statistic I came across a while back: CMOs are staying in their jobs longer these days, from an average 23 months in 2004 to 43 months in 2012 (data from executive recruiting agency Spencer Stuart’s annual survey).

Your mileage might vary according to your industry, but you can take this extra 20 months as an endorsement of the good work you and your fellow CMOs are doing. Your job description has no doubt evolved and expanded over the years. So, it’s good to see that you have more time to accomplish your goals and deliver value.

This extra job security also gives you the opportunity to take on the mantle of data steward in your company. You need to collaborate with your CEO and with IT, Legal, your ecommerce partners and other stakeholders, but who else has your birds-eye view of the advantages a unified, customer-centric approach to data can provide?

I say, go for it!

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