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Hot Zone Payment

HOT ZONE early registration fee for DMA’s Marketing Analytics Conference

($950 after April 29)

By registering for the HOT ZONE, you agree to the following competition terms and requirements:

  1. The information you submit in your HOT ZONE application is accurate and true as of the submission date.
  2. You are granting DMA, HOT ZONE program leadership and judges permission to use all information you submit in your application to evaluate your startup as a HOT ZONE competitor.
  3. You understand that registering for the HOT ZONE does not guarantee your startup will advance to a subsequent judging round, nor to the HOT ZONE Battleground competition. The DMA and its selected HOT ZONE judges shall have sole discretion as to which startups advance in the competition.
  4. Should you be selected for advancement, you will be responsible for all travel and incidental costs associated with attending DMA’s MAC and presenting at the Battleground competition.
  5. DMA will provide table-top display space to each startup selected to advance to the Battleground at DMA’s MAC.
  6. DMA will also provide three complementary MAC conference passes for members of your team, and two passes for clients or other stakeholders. Any additional HOT ZONE participation costs are yours to cover.
  7. The HOT ZONE Battleground is an on-stage show being produced for the benefit of conference attendees and the participating startups. You understand the importance of attending pre-show pitch coaching and logistics webcasts, and thus commit that at least one member of your team do so.
  8. HOT ZONE winners commit to providing each judge’s company with a no-cost pilot (net of media).
    For any paid services secured with a judge’s company, winning startups agree to provide a 10% discount on services, above and beyond negotiated commercial terms, up to the amount of the judge’s sponsorship (typically $25K to $30K). At the judge’s discretion, this service discount may be transferred to one client of the judge’s company.
  9. DMA reserves the right to record (audio and video) all conference events, including the HOT ZONE Battleground, and use this footage for promotional purposes. You agree to have your startup referenced in such promotional footage, and in related articles, blogs and other press coverage.
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