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Why DMA Innovation?

Because when an entire industry comes together – it creates a huge amount of innovation.

That’s what DMA does.

We stimulate and facilitate critical thinking, ideation and problem-solving across 1,400 member companies - and 100,000 member participants. No other association can cultivate innovation on the same scale – and scope, as DMA. That’s because no other association represents the entire value chain. From brand marketers to solution providers, tech firms to publishers, and start-ups to giants - DMA fosters collaboration that transcends categories, competition and boundaries.

DMA Innovation. The best of all worlds.

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DMA’s Council for Data Integrity

In 2016, DMA broke the mold by bringing together a diverse group of companies to establish a collaborative framework for solving common problems.

By investing in shared goals, DMA’s Council for Data Integrity leverages the scale and scope of our vast member resources to develop valuable tools that support the industry.

Current initiatives include:

  • Identity IQ – Narrowing the gap between the pace of technology and the reality of practice in identity and attribution. Here you will find six short videos bringing Identity & Attribution concepts to life.
  • Identity Metrics Assessment Toolkit – Narrowing the gap between the pace of technology and the reality of practice in identity and attribution. Coming soon, an expanded Identity RFI that builds upon DMA’s XDID RFI template.
  • Data Quality Labeling Standards – Join forces with the industry’s top data management experts to establish identity data quality labeling standards. An important industry initiative enables the data services community to provide marketers and agencies with the insights they need to be assured that the data they are using is accurate, reliable and of the highest quality.

DMA’s Council for Data Integrity. World-class collaboration.

Marketing Trends, Statistics & More

DMA Research provides original insight into the challenges you face in data-driven marketing today. Gain the insight you need to bring breakthrough ideas to business value quickly.

All marketing is data-driven and measurable. Are your results in line with the competition? Start comparing your now. Find the latest marketing trends on digital, direct, data-drive, social, email, mobile and more.

DMA gathers data and benchmarks across the entire marketing ecosystem making our research more comprehensive, insightful and actionable. Check out our best-sellers: Statistical Fact Book, Response Rate Report, Business Report, and Analytics Journal

Learn the best new marketing techniques and to discover the best new media and marketing service companies.

DMA knows it is easy to be up to speed on the most popular channels, but what about the “next big thing”? DMA’s marketing glossary puts the latest and most accurate terms and definitions at the fingertips of practitioners so they can keep up with the ever-evolving language within the marketing industry.

  • And DMA has always been at the fore front from the days of postal to the days of direct mail - evolving through to the current best practice and standards in digital marketing and beyond. And to have a place where we can all combine and meet and deal and tackle with the challenges we have today and in the future – that’s the job of DMA, and that’s why we are all here.
    - Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath
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