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Cross-Device ID at Advertising Week


Eager to Leverage Cross-Device ID Effectively?

Today’s consumers are increasingly cross-device in their media consumption, and have come to expect a seamless marketing experience that reaches them wherever and however they connect. While marketers, agencies and publishers are keen to deliver this consumer experience, more than 75% of DMA members surveyed said their organizations lack a clear enough understanding of cross-device marketing and media technologies to implement these capabilities with confidence.

To tackle this challenge and improve the cross-device marketing ecosystem, DMA’s Cross-Device ID (XDID) Structured Innovation Program has brought together marketers, media buyers, ad sellers and XDID solution providers, with the goal of elevating the market’s XDID “IQ”, reducing implementation barriers, and ultimately making it easier for XDID buyers and sellers to do business with confidence.

As part of DMA’s XDID program, DMA member companies are collaborating to develop an RFP template that outlines the questions marketers, agencies and publishers should be asking cross-device vendors before selecting the best choice for their needs. DMA’s cross-device RFP template will include simple language terms and definitions that everyone in the identity-based marketing and media ecosystem understands.


DMA: Structured Innovation in Cross-Device Identity
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What you’ll learn:

You gain a deep understanding the benefits and risks of different XDID approaches, and collaborate with other marketers, agencies, publishers and solution providers to learn the business value others achieve, the questions you’ll want to ask to make good XDID service provider decisions, and possible future standards for responsible XDID data management.

What we’ll produce:

Collectively, you, your colleagues and DMA leaders will establish member-driven criteria for what constitutes a high-quality, responsible cross-device ID solution. Your criteria will be integrated with an OpenXD Standards RFI that roughly a dozen commercial XDID solution providers, marketers and agencies will have begun developing in the weeks prior to and after this event.


XDID Advertising Week Program Descriptions, Presenters and Panelists

Three On-Stage Education Workshops:

Consumers want seamless cross-device marketing and media experiences. Advertisers and content companies are embracing cross-device and cross-channel identification to drive fully-connected, cost-efficient marketing and media execution. But while identity is a high priority, the gap between buyer expectations and reality has created friction in the marketplace. Join CIMM and DMA’s Cross-Device Identity (XDID) Advisory Council for this tactical workshop on the truths and lies of identity-based marketing and media and the unveiling of a CIMM Whitepaper, “Best Practices in Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Identity Measurement.” You’ll take a critical look at the strengths and weaknesses of identity-based marketing and come away with the tools to drive your identity marketing and media strategy.


3:30PM - 6:00PM | Times Center Hall, New York City, NY

Session 1 — “Panel: The real-deal on identity: How cross-channel and cross-device identification really works … from the experts”

Evan Neufeld of Storyline Development introduces CIMM’s new white paper on cross-channel marketing best practices, providing a deeper view into XDID technology, what key terms really mean, and where the promise and the reality are (and are not) in synch. This session, moderated by CIMM’s Jane Clarke, will include panelists from DMA XDID Program Advisory Council members Oracle Data Cloud, Conversant and Publicis Media.

Panel discussion led by:
Jane Clarke, CIMM
storyline_development oracle_logo conversant_logo Publicis-Media
Evan Neufeld
Storyline Development
Ajit Thupil
Oracle Data Cloud
Wayne Young
Kate Sirkin
Publicis Media Groupe

Session 2 — “10-minute case studies: True stories from the cross-channel trenches”

Want to know how it really works? Solution providers, agencies and marketers share their first-hand experiences activating their identity strategies. You’ll hear what went well, where there were some skips, and what lessons you can take-away to improve how you execute your identity-based marketing and media strategy.

Presenters include:


Session 3 — “Panel: Three keys to choosing your identity solutions partners”

Marketers, agencies and publishers debate with XDID solution providers on key questions everyone should ask before signing on the dotted line. We’ll cover what buyers need to understand to buy with confidence and the disclosures both sides of the transaction need to articulate to reduce the gap between cross-device promise and reality.

David Kohl, Morgan Digital Ventures


media_math_logo liveramp_logo Viacom Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Viacom Inc.) mrm_mcann_logo
Philipp Tsipman
Jeff Smith
Julian Zilberbrand
Kate Clough

This special Advertising Week programming, brought to you by DMA in partnership with CIMM (the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement), will provide you with practical ways to remove risks and open the way for cross device marketing effectiveness.

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DMA XDID Initiative Advisory Council

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