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Beautifully Bilingual

Agency: Gallegos United    •    Client: Comcast Xfinity    •    Category: Best Customer Acquisition Campaign    •    Award: Certificate

Remember Fall 2016, the election? Not the most harmonious period in American history. It was a time of uncertainty and divisiveness for everyone, especially for Hispanics.

So how could an often-distrusted cable company continue to have a meaningful connection with Hispanics at a time like this and grow brand health and business metrics?

We surveyed Hispanic consumers to uncover their feelings and concerns tied to the current social climate and how it was impacting their lives. We identified their desire to be heard and developed a campaign that stood up to division, proudly communicated the value of inclusion and partnership that Xfinity/Comcast stands for and assumed the role of champion of Hispanic voices.

Beautifully Bilingual is the story of how Xfinity used a message of hope, appreciation and understanding to inspire Latinos and make them feel heard through grand celebrations of who they are; all while turning Xfinity technology into a symbol of cultural unity.

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