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SickKids VS - All In

Agency: Cossette    •    Client: SickKids Foundation    •    Category: Best Customer Acquisition Campaign    •    Award: Gold Award

When the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) was built 70 years ago, it was the largest paediatrics hospital in the world. The groundbreaking treatment continues, but the facility is showing serious signs of age. Not enough operating rooms or space for the latest medical equipment and patient rooms in definite need of updating.

We launched the VS platform in 2016, asking donors to join us in the fight against the greatest challenges in child health. The campaign was enormously successful, helping us break our own fundraising efforts.

This incredible success now creates an odd challenge. Because the hospital is seen as both government funded and and a successful fundraiser, how do we create an even greater sense of urgency as SickKids' fight is just beginning? Tasked with launching the largest fundraising campaign in Canadian healthcare history we knew we needed to rally the entire city of Toronto behind this construction.

We took the campaign to the community level and streets of Toronto by creating different versions of the campaign for each specific neighbourhood we were targeting. These individual campaigns not only called on that specific neighbourhood to join our fight, they featured a SickKids patient that lived in the local area.

We broke our own fundraising record by reaching $100 million in donations during a single campaign period.

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