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Measurement and Attribution

As consumers become increasingly connected to brands and companies through a variety of channels and devices, marketers must deploy new and different measurement techniques to accurately understand the effectiveness of their investments.

Generally, last-click attribution has driven marketers to allocate 100% of the credit, return on investment (ROI), and revenue to the last marketing channel before a purchase. Now, organizations demand greater accountability and measurement of the value of each marketing contact that contributed to a desired outcome; this is a way for marketers to clearly understand what’s working and what’s not. This more statistically oriented approach helps to evaluate all of the marketing channels in a customer journey and attributes credit for conversion. Today, marketers view attribution as a high priority to help value marketing efforts, media, and their customers’ experiences.

Accurate and timely measurement allows marketers to make informed decisions and allocate their investment to tools and programs that best reflects their target’s expressed needs and wants. While measurement is important, it is essential that the collected data focus on the triggers, behaviors, and habits that share insights, and ultimately, a story about customers and/or prospects in to better understand what motivates or dissuades them from taking the desired brand action.

Each 2-day course has been informed by the collaboration of subject matter experts from all facets of the marketing and analytics communities. Join us for either level or both.

Level 1

Fundamentals of understanding the “how and why” of Measurement and Attribution.

Level 2

From concept to application, how Measurement and Attribution tools can be implemented by your company now.

The Program

The program has been developed with input from deep subject matter industry experts and is being piloted by some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

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