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CRM Implementation: Database & Campaign Management

Implement or refine your own CRM practice using the basic principles of database management and optimized campaign management.

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Course Description

Do you know the must-have methods for implementing or refining you existing your CRM practice? In this module, you will learn the core principles and prerequisites of data and campaign management, including an overview of the processes required for CRM implementation and a closer look at marketing database development. Discuss the campaign management cycle starting from marketing strategies through implementation and evaluation. Lastly, understand the full lifecycle as you learn from Xfinity, Liberty Mutual and more in reviewing real-world case studies in database and campaign management.

This module is the first in a six-part series entitled: “CRM Implementation: Merging Data & Insights”. This module can be taken either as a stand-alone course or as part of the series


  • Data sources, hygiene, quality and integration
  • Informational, promotional, lifecycle and trigger-based campaigns
  • Campaign analytics and testing
  • Campaign execution and evaluation
  • Real world case studies in effective CRM implementation and management


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Section 1: Database Management

  • Overview of the 4 processes required for CRM Implementation
  • The marketing database
    • Input data sources
      • Identity data
      • Transactional data
      • Campaign data
      • Online data
      • Social media data
      • Survey data
      • Machine data
      • B2B vs B2C data
    • Data hygiene
      • Generic data hygiene
      • Identity data hygiene
      • Identity creation
    • Data quality
      • Coverage
      • Consistency
      • Velocity
      • Accuracy
      • Integrity
      • Duplication
    • Data integration
      • Extract phase (reading & retrieving data from disparate sources & placing in
        staging tables)
      • Transform phase (converting extracted data into the proper format)
      • Load phase (writing the data into the target database)
    • Datamarts
      • Reporting
      • Analytic
      • Campaign
    • Section exercise

Section 2: Campaign Management

  • Definitions
  • Campaign strategies
    • Informational campaigns
    • Promotional campaigns
    • Lifecycle campaigns
    • Trigger-based campaigns
  • Campaign analytics
    • List or audience analytics
    • Media or channel analytics
    • Creative analytics
    • Offer analytics
    • Frequency of touch optimization analytics
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign testing and tools
    • Frequency testing
    • Campaign tools
  • Campaign execution
    • Execution tools
  • Campaign evaluation
    • Timing
    • Dimensions
    • Metrics
    • Level (segment/campaign/category)
    • Tools
    • CRM summary
    • Section exercise

Section 3: Applications & Examples

  • Integrated TV & Direct Mail case study
  • CAT Campaign case study
  • Mobile and website case study

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