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Emotional Branding & Marketing

Create engagement, loyalty, and brand passion with your marketing campaigns and influence consumer behavior by utilizing the techniques that have been taught to brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Spanx, World Vision and more!

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Course Description

Stories matter more than ever in today’s attention-deficit economy. To build a brand in any market climate, you must understand consumer psychology and what truly drives choices and loyalty, consciously and unconsciously as you craft and tell your brand story. Marketing without psychological relevance and brand storytelling falls short every time. This course is designed to remind participants of the fundamentals of human psychology that play into the emotional relevance of customer-driven marketing and purchasing behavior and inspire them with a diverse collection of multi-industry examples.

These action-packed and inspirational sessions will share insights about consumer psychology that drives behavior, what gets attention from the unconscious mind, what inspires our conscious behavior, and how to develop emotionally-based marketing campaigns that create engagement, loyalty, and brand passion. Participants will discover how the unconscious mind drives attitudes toward brands and their messages, and how to appeal to the psychological triggers of choice. Even experienced marketers will be surprised to learn how color, words, images, and other creative sensory elements impact attitudes toward brands, engagement, and results.

Beyond learning critical psychological fundamentals and theories upon which successful campaigns are built, participants will learn how to develop a top-level strategic emotional marketing and brand storytelling program utilizing these insights. Participants will be encouraged to apply these principles and insights to their unique brand challenges and situations.


  • How our brain works and what that does to drive human behavior
  • The conscious and unconscious triggers in your customers’ minds
  • Leveraging the customer mindset to impact your business
  • Customer journey mapping and how to create a customer persona that makes a difference
  • Understanding the role of brand and product/service from the customers’ perspective
  • The importance of evocative storytelling for your brand
  • Selling from an emotional perspective


Andrea Syverson
Founder & President IER Partners Read Biography »

Week 1 (3 Hours):

Human Behavior Principles

  • Psychology Overview: How Our Brain Works
  • Breaking Through Our Attention Deficit World
  • Paradox of Choice & Decision-Making
  • Why Human-to-Human Marketing Matters More than Ever

Psychological Drivers

  • Getting Inside Your Customers’ Mind
  • Conscious and Unconscious Triggers
  • The Power of Creative Elements
  • Customer Journey Decision-Making Processes

A Psychological Marketer’s Secret Weapon: PAIN POINTS

  • Leveraging a Customer Mindset
  • Creating a Customer Persona That Makes a Difference
  • Understanding the Role of Brand and Product/Service from your Customers’ Perspective
  • Unlocking the Potential of Customer Pain Points

Week 2 (3 Hours):

Inspirational Evocative and Provocative Emotional Storytelling

  • BrandAbout Curiosity to Drive Insights and Innovation
  • Combinatorial Creativity
  • The Power of the PLUS
  • Purpose Driven Branding
  • Emotional Selling Propositions

Auditing Your Brand Experience

  • Conducting a cross-functional ThinkAbout
  • The Why Behind the Buy
  • Relooking WIIFM through Your ESP
  • The Psychology Marketer’s Checklist

Creating Your Powerful Psychological Advantage

  • The Power of Emotion and Empathy
  • Creating and Maintaining Brand Trust & Loyalty
  • Staying Psychologically Relevant
  • Brand Gratitude: A Two Way Intersection

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