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DMA/NMI Masterclass: Digital, Programmatic & Omnichannel Marketing



DMA is partnering with New Marketing Institute (NMI) to offer a special training in digital, programmatic and omnichannel marketing. Boost your digital marketing skills by attending our 1 day in-depth session and expand your knowledge of the digital marketing landscape. Anyone attending an NMI Masterclass will leave with applicable knowledge of how the various components of programmatic buying interact and enhance the rich ad tech environment.

Certification Process

By partaking in NMI/DMI provided training content, you will receive an opportunity to obtain a certification badge for Digital Marketing and Omnichannel. After taking this course, participants will receive workbooks and follow up communications with instructions on how to take the exams and obtain badges. Participants who pass the exam will then be able to download their badge to share across social channels. Each exam will take up to one hour to complete, with the certification badge download and sharing process to take up to ten minutes.

This immersive training will provide you:
  • Credibility in the space while simultaneously demonstrating your knowledge, experience and competency in the industry, confirming your mastery of industry principles and best practices.
  • Increased recognition by peers, employers, and recruiters and sets you apart as an expert and leader in your field.
  • A unique certification offering that is the only one of its kind for marketing professionals.
  • Professional Growth and employers are always looking for individuals striving to grow both personally and professionally. Becoming certified by NMI takes you above and beyond the industry standard in digital marketing knowledge, giving you a highly-valuable competitive advantage.
  • Up-to-date Knowledge in our ever-changing industry where it’s important to stay current. Our certification program provides the resources needed to maintain your knowledge of the industry over time.
  • Flexibility in order to increase your knowledge and skill-set with our certification program offers. We don’t just focus in on display advertising. There’s so much more to learn in the space!
  • The opportunity to meet and network network with industry colleagues in the field.

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About The Instructor

Michelle Said
Michelle Said is the Senior Manager, Certification and Curriculum Development with the New Marketing Institute. In addition to overseeing and editing documen... Read More »

Course Pricing

  • dollar Member - $1,000
  • dollar Non-Member - $1,200

Early Bird Discount! Register up to 4 weeks prior to the start date for 20% off the above rates. Price reflected at checkout.

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Course Duration

  • 1 Day

Together with:

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Intro to Digital Marketing

  • The Two Sides of the Marketing Equation
  • From Old School to New School
  • How the Internet Transformed Marketing
  • The History of Online Advertising
  • Banner Ad Basics
  • Types of Creatives
  • Pricing Online Advertising
  • Ad Tags
  • Targeting

Materials: Intro to Digital Marketing Workbook, self-paced videos, hands on activities.

Programmatic 101

  • Introducing Goals Based Marketing
  • Programmatic Defined
  • Simplifying the Advertising Landscape
  • The Evolution of Programmatic
  • The Display Advertising Landscape
    • Agencies
    • Ad Servers
    • Creative Optimization
  • Measurement/Analytics
  • Verification
  • Demand Side Platforms
    • Agency Trading Desks
    • Ad Exchanges
    • Ad Networks
    • Supply Side Platforms
    • Data Suppliers
    • Data Management Platforms
  • Real Time Bidding
  • The Programmatic Umbrella
  • Industry Trends
    • Spending Trends
    • “Ad Crimes”
    • Click Fraud
    • Brand Safety
    • Viewability
    • Ad Blocking

Materials: Programmatic Workbook, hands on immersive activities


  • Social: Social media advertising isn’t just #trending, it’s here to stay. Ad spend across social channels, like Facebook and Twitter, is growing year over year at an alarming rate. From targeting to tips to trends, this course covers what you need to know about advertising on today’s leading social technology platforms.
    • History & Current state of Social Advertising
    • Facebook & Twitter ad types
    • Targeting options relevant to specific goals
    • Best Practices
  • Video: A complete overview of the digital video ecosystem and the technologies that are Unique to video advertising online, from in stream functionality to, pre-roll, advertising, and beyond.
    • History & Current State of Video Advertising
    • Key Terms
    • Demystifying technology specific to video campaigns
    • VAST Tags
    • Best Practices
  • Mobile: Many people think of mobile as a channel, but it’s actually a separate platform that plays by its own rules. In our mobile certification course, we break down everything, you know about this unique technology and best practices for running mobile campaigns.
    • History & Current State of mobile advertising
    • Key Terms
    • Demystifying technology specific mobile devices
    • Best Practices

Materials: Workbooks for Video, Mobile, Social, hands on activities.

Interested in attending one of DMA’s Education seminars this year, but you’re not sure how to convince your boss to let you attend? Try one of these approaches.

  • “I know budgets are tight, but this is an opportunity that pays for itself instantly. A single tip from any of the DMA seminar could pay for the costs of the whole training. I’ll be learning secrets from practicing experts and industry thought leaders.”
  • “I’ll become more proficient in industry best practices, as well as on the latest tactics and technologies in today’s ever‐evolving marketing landscape. From direct mail to data governance, social media to email marketing; the DMA has all of our needs covered.”

I can share what I learned after the seminar; maybe host a brown‐bag working lunch and present the team with all the new techniques, strategies, and ideas I’ll come back with. Combining my own notes and ideas with the session handouts provided by the DMA, I’ll have plenty of inspiration and information to share when I return. Besides… this’ll allow everyone to get trained all for the price of sending just one person; and the team will definitely appreciate the opportunity to find out about the latest strategies used by many of our competitors today.

Still presenting itself as a hard sell? Inform your boss that your course can go on their accomplishments at the end of the year for their review: “Trained staff to improve results!” This is a win/win.

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