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Direct Mail Campaigns

Cut through the clutter and boost response rates with these successful elements of direct marketing campaigns.

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Course Description

You have so little time to get your customer's attention. This course shows you how to make your direct mail package cut through the clutter and boost your response rates. You'll learn how to create all the elements of a direct mail package and come to recognize the key elements that affect the success of a direct mail campaign.


  • Plan, create, and evaluate a direct mail package
  • Distinguish the role of direct mail within a multichannel marketing environment
  • Recognize the attributes that effect the success of direct mail creative
  • Interpret the role of various elements within a direct mail package
  • Identify alternative direct mail channels including catalogs, self-mailers, postcards, co-op mailings, and inserts
  • Describe various production techniques related to the preparation of direct mail
  • Learn metrics for direct mail performance measurement


Ron Jacobs
President Jacobs & Clevenger Read Biography »

Direct Mail Basics

    • Direct Mail Defined
      • Basic Mail’s Building Blocks
      • American’s Reaction to Receiving Different Types of Mail
      • What Type Of Direct Mail Is Most Likely To Grab Attention?
      • Integrating Direct Mail with Other Channels
      • Effective Direct Mail
      • Direct Mail Do’s and Don’ts
    • Winning Components of the Direct Mail Package
      • Outer Envelope
      • Standard #10 Envelopes
      • 6” x 9” Envelopes
      • Oversized Envelopes
      • Four Areas of Importance on the Outer Envelope
      • Sales Letters
      • Sales Letter Structure
      • Sales Letter Design
      • The Power of the PS
      • Brochures
      • Lift Notes
      • Buckslips
      • Courtesy Reply Envelopes vs. Business Reply Envelopes
    • Direct Mail Formats and Uses
      • Common Direct Mail Formats
      • Acquisition Direct Mail Kits
      • Renewal Direct Mail Kits
      • Winback Direct Mail Kits
      • Postcards
      • Cooperative Mailings
      • Catalog
      • Adapting to New Mail Formats
    • Business-to-Business Direct Mail
      • B2B Direct Marketing vs. Consumer Direct Marketing
      • The Company and the Customer Journey
      • Dimensional Direct Mail
      • Integrated B2B Campaign
      • B2B Self-Mailer
    • Direct Mail Metrics and Measurement
      • Dimensions of Marketing Measurement
      • Direct Mail Metrics
        • Response Rate
        • Cost per Acquisition
        • Breakeven Cost
        • Breakeven Response Rate
        • Conversion Rate
        • Cost per Conversion
        • Return on Investment
          • Calculating the Return on Investment
        • Customer Lifetime Value
          • Simple CLV Formula
          • Complex Predictive Model

Creating and Evaluating Direct Mail Creative

      • The Creative Brief
        • What it Covers
      • Creative Concepting
        • How it happens
        • Creative Insights
        • Design: It’s as Important as Copy
      • Integrating Your Direct Mail
        • Integrating Direct Mail with Digital Marketing Efforts
        • How do Marketers Integrate Direct Mail with Online Marketing Efforts
        • Using Online Marketing Efforts as Insights
      • Tips from the Experts
        • Bob Stone’s 7 Step Formula for Winning Letters
        • Bill Jayme’s Seven Writing Techniques
        • Why Should I Care Test

Direct Mail Production

    • Overview
      • What You Need to Know
      • Other Package Elements
      • Postage
    • Personalization and Printing
      • Addressing vs. Personalizing
      • PURLs
    • Checklists and Insertion Order
      • Reading Order
      • Insertion Order
    • A Direct Mail Case Study

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