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Do This, Not That: Email Marketing Techniques That Work

Stand out in your customer's inbox with these proven strategies to increase engagement, enhance multichannel campaigns and maximize your email marketing ROI.

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Course Description

This fast-paced course explores the latest techniques and best practices to improve your email marketing ROI. What offers gain customers, what techniques are proven to work, and what is driving strong direct marketing results using email? This course explores these key areas and more. This must-attend program will provide insight from actual campaign results exploring successful and failed attempts at using these techniques. Learn email marketing tactics that hold long-term value and drive results; Acquire measurable tactics for marketers to pull interested leads; Gain insight on integrated marketing initiatives based on actual campaigns.


  • Best Practices: Offers, Creative, Landing Pages, Cadence and More…
  • Acquisition Marketing Strategies
  • Database Growth
  • BtoB and BtoC Strategies
  • Improving Email Open Rates Without Increasing Cost
  • Pitfalls to Avoid


Jay Schwedelson
President & CEO Worldata Read Biography »

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark What trends are happening in email marketing today – and which actually work
  • checkmark How to double your open rates with a few easy tweaks
  • checkmark What pitfalls to avoid for email marketing
  • checkmark What has replaced content marketing as “king” in today’s omnichannel world, and how you can leverage it for your campaigns

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  • Intro and Best Practices: Offers, Creative, Landing Pages, Cadence and More…
    • What is this course all about?
    • What are your goals and issues?
    • Low Hanging Fruit: Things you should be doing immediately
    • Offers
    • Creative
    • Landing Pages
    • Sending Cadence and Timing
  • Acquisition Marketing Strategies
    • Subject Lines
    • What should you measure?
    • CRM Retargeting
    • Pre-Headers, Personalization and Priorities
  • Database Growth
    • Engaged vs Overall Database
    • Poor Data and Its Impact
    • Faster Database Growth
    • Compliance Issues
    • Cost Per Lead, List Rental and Other Options
    • BtoB vs BtoC Strategies


  • Pitfalls to Avoid
    • Common Misconceptions
    • Types of Email Vendors and What They Do
    • How to Save Money and Improve ROI
    • Don’t Do These Things – EVER
  • Bringing It All Together
    • What Should You Focus on First?
    • Test Strategies
    • Planning Your Next 12 Months…

Outline is subject to change.

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