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Are you Keeping Your Customer Front-and-Center in Your Attribution Efforts?

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The last few years have ushered in a vast wave of change for marketers. They’ve had to adapt to new consumer facing channels, contend with the rise of social media, manage the proliferation of vast quantities of data and develop strategies for leveraging sophisticated new technologies in service to the old, established “art” of marketing.

But perhaps no recent development has presented more of a challenge than attribution. Many are coming to see attribution as a source of definitive competitive advantage—essentially, an opportunity to empower themselves with the right tools and insight needed to both improve performance and elevate the role of the marketing as a source of critical business insight – and ultimately:

  • Delivering better, more engaging customer experiences
  • Maximizing the yield of every dollar of marketing investment; and
  • Demonstrating the real value that the marketing organization delivers to its organization.

This report represents the effort to crystallize some of the issues facing marketers as they look to advance their attribution efforts with an eye on those critical objectives.

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Put Your Customers Front and Center in Your Attribution Efforts.
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