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Next-Generation TV White Paper

An Overview of the Existing Landscape and a Recommended Approach for Cultivating Continued Innovation in the Ecosystem

The newly-released “Next-Generation TV” white paper, commissioned by the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), provides an overview of the myriad of consumer and economic benefits of Next-Generation TV. Second, we examine the current legal and regulatory landscape around which the Next-Generation TV ecosystem currently exists. We conclude by discussing a recommended approach involving robust self-regulation to help ensure the continued cultivation of innovation in the Next-Generation TV ecosystem.

This white paper includes:

  • An Introduction to Next-Generation TV
  • How Data is Collected and Used in Next-Generation TV
  • Benefits of Next-Generation TV to Consumers
  • Benefits of Next-Generation TV to the U.S. Economy
    And Businesses
  • The Existing Legal Landscape
  • A Recommended Approach for the Continued Cultivation
    of Next-Generation TV Innovation

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