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State of Data 2017 — Research Study

The IAB Data Center of Excellence and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) have released “The State of Data 2017,” a study showing that U.S. companies will have spent $10.05 billion on third-party audience data in 2017 for advertising and marketing efforts, while slightly more – $10.13 billion – will have been spent on third-party solutions to support its activation.

Results also reveal the top third-party audience data types:

  • Omnichannel ($3.53 billion)
  • Transactional ($2.99 billion)
  • Digital ($2.07 billion)
  • Specialty ($0.88 billion)
  • Identity ($0.56 billion)

The research, compiled by Winterberry Group and based on an analysis of financial information provided by a range of the nation’s leading commercial data providers, estimates that $4.3 billion will be spent in 2017 on third-party solutions supporting data integration, processing, and hygiene. These types of services help maximize the accuracy and actionability of audience data, while providing contextual brand safety. Budget allocation for hosting and management solutions will be close behind, at $4.2 billion for the year. Analytics, modeling, and segmentation solutions will be a distant third, totaling $1.63 billion.

Read the full press release here.

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