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Response Rate Report

NEW for 2018!
DMA Response Rate Report 2018Benchmark your marketing campaign’s performance. Gather marketing metrics on industry standards. See how your marketing campaigns stack up against the competition.

The ANA/DMA’s Response Rate Report is THE RESOURCE to find out exactly how your campaigns compete across different industries and channels.

We’ve reached out to 200k participants to get YOU the most up-to-date insights on what drives response. And as the world’s largest association representing 100k individual members from across the entire marketing ecosystem, the ANA’s Data, Marketing and Analytics Division is uniquely poised to bring together and report on benchmarks for the data-driven marketing community.

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The 2018 Response Rate Report provides success metrics for email, online display, paid search, direct mail and social media. Compare your results across 10 industries, B-to-B versus B-to-C and campaigns objectives such as direct sale, retail traffic, and lead generation. The Response Rate Report enables your company to produce tangible, quantifiable performance targets and measure changes relative to best-in-class companies.

Key sections of the report answer questions such as:

  • What emerging technologies are marketers adopting most?
  • Which channel has the highest ROI?
  • How have response rates changed in the last year?
  • Are open rates higher on desktop or mobile?
  • How will media usage change in the next 12 months?
  • And much more!

What’s in it for you?
The 2018 Response Rate Report is exactly the benchmarking tool marketers and their business partners need for comparing and contrasting current initiatives or building a case to embark on a new one. These benchmarks also provide the insights and data that reporters need to cover martech and adtech trends in order to discern whether those trends or campaigns are one-offs – or something more sustainable.

By implementing best-practices, your company can close a performance gap in order to achieve superior results and enhance your competitive advantage. With the power of data to drive efficient targeting and placement, the importance of these numbers will only continue to grow, saving marketers money on their marketing spend. Not to mention the thousands in research dollars and time you save, compared to conducting a study on your own.

Using data to understand the customer you are talking with is imperative. Because, if you don’t know who you are talking with, then you’re just talking.

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