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Marketing mastery and professional growth is the foundation of our work – and the success of yours. Simply staying one step ahead of your competition today could leave you ending up two steps behind! By proving readiness for the new talent economy, DMA Education helps you find new pathways to professional fulfillment and better ways to connect with your customers. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from DMA Membership.


Build your career with the same intensity you bring to building your business. In-person, live online, and on-demand courses provide you with the power and confidence to make faster, smarter marketing decisions and improve performance.

  • Designed for the growing demands of the talented creatives, analysts, strategists and marketers around the world who are reshaping our industry.
  • Features high-quality, immersive curriculum taught by world-leading academics and business practitioners.

As a DMA Member, you receive credits to apply to DMA Education course registration for anyone on your team. Members also receive a 40% discount on all DMA Education offerings.


If you’re thinking about advancing your marketing to the next level, take a look at Direct Marketing Institute. The learning experiences offered through the most popular direct marketing course in the country are a great place to start. But – don’t stop there. Go deep inside the strategies, tactics, creative and results of the best brands in the world with our entire offering from DMA Education — regardless of what level you are at in your career.

As a DMA Member, use your credits to get 50% off towards an already reduced registration rate to this one of a kind marketing course. Members also receive a 40% discount on all DMA Education offerings.


Developed by modern marketers, for modern marketers. DMA Enterprise Education gives you the power and confidence to make faster, smarter business decisions and improve performance. You will benefit from a custom-curated, measured approach to developing marketing talent, gaining business intelligence and fostering creativity – all within your own office. You and your team will learn new things together. They will collaborate and inspire each other. And you will be motivated to take business-building ideas to new heights.


DMA produces more than 30 highly-targeted webinar sessions each year – covering a wide variety of hot marketing topics.

As a DMA Member, you can take advantage of insights and case studies produced and shared by brand leaders from across the ecosystem. Popular topics have covered:

  • We started working closely with DMA in terms of delivering education to IBM business partners. We have thousands and thousands of companies that really carry our messages and offerings forward to our mutual partners in the market place. Many of these companies are small and don’t have the skills to do really effective marketing at a level that they would like to. Working with DMA, we’ve been able to deliver a very strong set of offerings to help them build skills and help them build their marketing capabilities into this new and changing world.
    - Buell Duncan, VP, Portfolio Marketing, IBM


Because DMA represents the entire marketing ecosystem, you benefit from maximum ROI on participation and dues.


Our Industry Benefits

Quarterly Business Report – tracks trends across four key economic indicators
Statistical Fact Book – key marketing statistics compiled from 70 leading sources
Response Rate Report – success metrics across every discipline important today

Your Company Benefits

DMA Enterprise Education – Collaborative learning for your team – in your office
Direct Marketing Institute – Comprehensive, cross-disciplinary marketing intensive
DMA Education Offerings – Fully customizable talent development

You Benefit

DMA Certification – The credential you need to prove what you know
DMA Knowledge Center – Broad library of conference presentations



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