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Case Studies on Integration Success


When Amway rebranded its high-end beauty brand, it set out to build a global data-driven, brand-level CRM strategy to support it. Using sophisticated analytics and a dynamic automated decisioning engine, Amway is delivering highly tailored one-to-one communications and product recommendations in innovative ways driving unprecedented results.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

CTCA and Isobar defined a “Full Funnel Optimization” approach that focused on driving traffic volume through traditional and nontraditional SEO tactics, starting with user journeys and keyword personas and ultimately resulting in a 10x increase in the growth of the SEO channel. This presentation will focus on expanding the definition of SEO to optimize every aspect of the funnel, specifically touching on testing key aspects of the customer experience/journey, A/B and Multivariate testing, semantic mark-up and dynamic content publishing.

Gourmet Coffee Service

To employ a more organized digital marketing strategy, take advantage of the interconnection of each channel. Digital marketing can make your message more consistent, In this case study, a company earned $105,000 in new sales after moving from its client services personnel delivering incentive fliers for ancillary sales, to delivering that message through a revamped and organized email campaign. and possibly reach more of your target audience. Find out the changes the company made to its overall marketing strategy, how it implemented the new email effort, and how it embraced social media to improve its connection to clients and prospects.

Jamaica Inn

After the 2008 recession caused occupancy and revenue to take a hit, hotel Jamaica Inn decided to completely revamp its marketing strategy. Using email and integrating social media and a new website allowed the hotel to infuse a cohesive value proposition throughout its marketing messaging. With the new effort, Jamaica Inn was able to achieve a 52% increase in its revenue index since starting this campaign.


Learn how MassMutual, the Fortune 100 financial innovator, is using Voice of Customer insights to drive a complete transformation of the customer experience. Already a successful category leader, MassMutual committed to doubling market share by driving the customer experience to the highest level possible. Voice of Customer insights enabled MassMutual to address these critical challenges: How do customers define competitively differentiating value? When in the lifecycle do BtoB and BtoC customers expect extra engagement and value? How to capture personal preference data and use this to drive truly personalized communications, offers, and experiences? How to measure success and ROI? How to get the organization to buy in and support implementation? Attendees will receive 12 Action Items to guide their customer experience transformation.


This case study details how Motorola Solutions launched a series of high profile mobile and scan technology products for retailers across Europe in 2012. The challenge was to show how these new devices such as tablets, handheld scanners, and RFID tracking/inventory help drive productivity and commercial gains throughout the retail process – from warehouse to back office to point of sale. The solution was to use a data driven multichannel marketing approach to accelerate demand from new markets.

My Sales Tactics

Making the change from the corporate world to entrepreneurship can be difficult. A large company offers the advantage of having different teams focused on particular business areas, but the entrepreneur is often pressed into service in many areas at once. Because of these demands on their time, entrepreneurs are always looking to increase efficiency. Marketing automation tools are one way to streamline and integrate email marketing, event marketing, online surveys and social media marketing. See how one entrepreneur successfully made the transition from a corporate position to a thriving six-person company, and how automation helped in the process.

New York Life

Delivering an emotional and powerful promise can be extremely challenging for marketers in any business. Yet, New York Life seems to have mastered the art of doing exactly that. The leading mutual life-insurance brand reaffirms its promise to Keep Good Going through creative videos, blogs and website content while simultaneously engaging and educating their audience. Join this session to discover how you can create compelling content like New York Life to captivate readers early on and turn them into customers for life.


To attract and satisfy customers, offering them what they need when and where they need it seems obvious. But is it really that simple? In 2014, Nutrisystem introduced new weight loss products to the retail market, launched a new digital-only product, and expanded its traditional weight loss programs via direct channels. While these initiatives saw success, and growth is always good, they brought new challenges. This session will address some of the challenges facing established businesses that need to grow but (if we’re really honest) fear harming what they already have. Come hear how Nutrisystem tackled these challenges to fully leverage its strengths and how you, too, can reach new customers in new channels, while growing your existing business.


Pandora Everywhere” An In-Depth Look at Pandora’s Cross-Platform Strategy”- Pandora has evolved from online only to a full-cross platform solution reaching listeners wherever they are (mobile, consumer electronics devices, and even appliances). Aimee Higgins, the SVP of Strategic Sales Development will provide an in-depth look into Pandora’s multi-platform ad solution and discuss the newest frontier of Pandora Everywhere, Pandora’s recent integration into cars.


SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, wanted to convert more website traffic (generated by search, online display ads, and email marketing) into marketable sales leads and contacts. However, this immediate business need was the driver behind a broader effort to evaluate and optimize marketing performance across digital channels while reducing costs. This need also crossed organizational functional areas and affected other organizational stakeholders, such as sales and IT and IT. Digital channels were being managed separately, with no integrated view of efficiency, effectiveness, media attribution and optimization. The company wanted a single view to optimize ROI from its websites, online business platform and tools — such as web analytics — and internal resources, such as marketing campaigns to drive results and performance and to marshall different parts of the organization behind this optimization process. To achieve ongoing integrated digital marketing enhancement, SAP also wanted:

  1. a stable methodology and consistent process for continued online testing and achieving maximum benefits and
  2. a marketing test culture and knowledge base so that methodologies, processes and application of outcomes would be ingrained, ongoing and pervasive. With help from KBM Group’s Marketing Intelligence team, SAP built an internal “test lab” to meet both near- and long-term goals, using best-in-class tools, testing resources, best practices and processes (governance) to optimize and validate immediate and future marketing performance. Establishing the test framework included several phases:
    • Establish the test lab: including mission, naming internal leads, communication to the organization, stakeholder integration.
    • Build Phase: establishing test priorities, guidelines, internal processes, engagement model, KPIs and benchmarks, building ROI models.
    • Run Phase: in-market testing, communicating results, updating KPI benchmarks, maintaining test roadmap, building internal knowledge base.
    • Dissemination: extend to other stakeholders, campaigns. Stakeholders – business and process owners – were also important to the success of the project as well as critical to building on ongoing culture of test-oriented marketing and adaptability to change that is required in a rapidly evolving digital environment. Integrating marketing processes within a flexible methodology is a powerful driver for ongoing, adaptive business change and transformation.


Getting a granular look inside an individual marketing campaign can be informative, but sometimes it can be helpful to see the entire picture of the overall marketing strategy covering many channels. This case study looks at how one B2B e-commerce company utilizes and integrates a number of channels including email, PPC, display ad retargeting, affiliate marketing, social media, and comparative shopping engines. Find out how this total marketing strategy led to triple digit growth for the company in a tough economy over the last four years.


Learn how businesses are using direct mail in today’s mobile environment. Review what consumers think of direct mail and how they are engaging with it in new ways. Learn the latest on how the USPS is encouraging marketers and businesses to utilize direct mail that integrates mobile and other technologies as part of their marketing mix to today’s technologically savvy consumers.

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