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2017 DMA Integrated Marketing Challenge

The DMA Integrated Marketing Community launches the 2nd annual Challenge, designed to help DMA members solve their integrated marketing problems!

Need help? Whether mid-stream or just starting out, both nonprofit organizations and for profit companies may apply to have an integrated marketing campaign tailored to meet their specific marketing goals. Application details can be reviewed here.

Be a Hero! Each DMA member who signs up to be a hero will receive one of these “problem applications” and will create a 1-2 page campaign with a practical solution(s). Hero sign up details and criteria for evaluation can be reviewed here.

The top 2 winning campaigns will be recognized at the Integrated Marketing Community Breakfast during &THEN17 in New Orleans.

Hurry! Deadline to submit your problem or sign up to be a hero is August 25, 2017.

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Problem/Hero Match ups: September 1, 2017
Solutions Deadline: September 15, 2017
Evaluation & Judging: September 22, 2017
Winners' Recognition (Nonprofit & For profit) at &THEN17
Integrated Marketing Community Breakfast: October in New Orleans
Webinar: TBD


Integrated Marketing 911

What’s your emergency? Are you struggling to integrate your marketing efforts? Are you overwhelmed by combining legacy databases with constant incoming digital data? Did you inherit a software package and are not sure of your next steps? Not sure how to get started? What are your pain points?

Well, what if almost magically, an integrated marketing plan was written specifically for your particular situation – at no charge!

Whether nonprofit or for profit, as a DMA member, you are invited to apply to have a customized integrated marketing program designed for your company’s needs and particular pain points.

Once received, this Community’s Leadership Council will review your application for completeness and clarity of the problem/challenge to be addressed. If your application is accepted, it will then be distributed to a participating DMA Integrated Marketing Community member for evaluating, solving and well, magic: They will present a 1-2 page customized program addressing the particular problems stated in the application for your review and consideration.

Afterward, you can choose to work with the developing company or not. There’s no obligation or cost to you for participating in this Integrated Marketing Challenge.

Available to DMA members only, all applications must be in by July 21, 2017. Just fill in and submit this application.

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Be an Integrated Marketing Hero!

During our Integrated Marketing Community webinars and town hall discussions, it has been clear that companies are in varying stages of knowing where to begin or how to advance their current efforts beyond creative elements.

No Mask or Cape Needed! Here’s an opportunity for your company to play hero to one of several DMA member nonprofits or for profits who will be submitting their integrated marketing problems. As a participant in this Challenge, you will receive one of these problems, and asked to write a 1-2 page complete integrated marketing campaign addressing specifics stated in their application while following the established criteria listed below.

Your program will be reviewed for clarity and how closely your integrated marketing plan answers that company’s or nonprofit’s stated problem, including how the overall creative theme communicates across various marketing channels.

BEST IN SHOW: There will be a Best in Show winner for both the nonprofit and for-profit categories. If your program is selected as one of these winners, you and your company will be recognized at the next &THEN Conference.

SHOWCASE OPPORTUNITIES: All program submissions will also be evaluated for webinar consideration during the 2017-2018 season.

So, DMA Integrated Marketing Community Member, are you interested in being one of our heroes? Click here for criteria and sign up application..

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2016 Heros

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