ECHO Gala & Ceremony to Take Place October 15

New York, NY, September 23, 2013 — The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) today announced the Diamond ECHO finalists for the 2013 International ECHO Awards competition, which will take place during the DMA2013 Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.  The three Diamond ECHO finalists are: TBWA\NEBOKO DOWNTOWN (Holland), Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand, and TRY Reklamebyrå AS (Norway).

The ECHO awards will be presented Tuesday, October 15, 2013 during a gala & ceremony starting at 6:30 p.m. at McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL, hosted by comedian Jake Johannsen.

This prestigious award honors the world’s outstanding marketing campaigns that demonstrate exceptional creativity, visionary strategy, and results. The Diamond ECHO is considered the best-in-show award of the International ECHO Award competition. Selected from among the Gold winning campaigns , the Diamond ECHO is awarded to the top campaign that has taken strategic thinking to a whole new level.

“These internationally acclaimed campaigns have been carefully selected and promise to dazzle us — as they demonstrate outstanding innovation, creativity, and effectiveness,” said DMA President and CEO Linda Woolley. “They showcase everything from the tenacity of small companies to cultural challenges from larger companies.  We are proud to name these three finalists, and are looking forward to honoring one of them with the ECHO Diamond Award.”

Diamond ECHO Finalists
Campaign Title: “Boring Guys”
Advertiser: PNozorg
Country: Holland
Category: Insurance

In the saturated Danish health insurance market, one small company outsmarted its larger competitors by marketing themselves as… the most boring guys out there.  If health insurance is terribly tedious, then who better to trust than the folks who nearly put you to sleep?  This clever campaign gained them over three times more new customers than their target goal.  Yawn.

Campaign Title: “Feel Tip Top”
Colenso BBDO/Proximity New Zealand
Advertiser: Fonterra Brands (Ltd) Tip Top
Country: New Zealand
Category: Consumer Products

A 75-year-old local ice cream brand in New Zealand aimed to regain relevance and brand momentum using customer experience.  New Zealanders flocked to Facebook for the opportunity to nominate friends, family members, or colleagues to receive a personally addressed, hand-delivered ice cream.  By encouraging folks to “feel tip-top” and indulge in a sweet treat and fond memory with friends, Tip Top highlighted new flavors and sub-brands, exceeded their nomination goal over fifteen-fold, and turned around a 17.6% decline into 16.7% growth across all categories.

Campaign Title: “SUPERSAVE”
TRY Reklamebyrå AS
Advertiser: TRY
Country: Norway
Category: Financial Products and Services

In Norway, where savings plans are not generally part of the culture, stagnant savings agreement sales had the banks in a slump.  Enter the SUPERSAVE campaign, designed to get people thinking about saving, featuring the tagline “Some people strike lucky. For the rest of us, it makes sense to save.”  A web-based involvement campaign was built around a TV commercial showing a treasure chest being buried in Norway—one lucky person found it and won NOK 250,000 (about $43,000), and the remaining contestants were encouraged to enter savings agreements with the bank.  Savings agreement entries increased to 500% year on year, and allowed DNB to take back much of the market share.

For more information about the International ECHO Awards, which will be presented October 15, 2013 during the DMA2013 Conference and Exhibition, please visit  To register, or for additional information about DMA2013, please click here.

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Introduced in 1929 as the “Best in Direct Mail” contest, the DMA International ECHO Awards honor excellence in creativity, marketing strategy, and response results in direct marketing campaigns.  With entries submitted by direct response agencies worldwide, DMA’s annual ECHO Awards recognize every type of media used in direct and interactive marketing campaigns.
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