FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 2, 2016
Contact: Mike Uehlein –

Following today’s announced agreement on a new framework for data flows between the European Union and United States titled “EU-U.S. Privacy Shield,” the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) issued the following statement from Christopher Oswald, VP of Advocacy:

“Today’s announcement of a new ‘EU-U.S. Privacy Shield’ agreement for data flows between the EU and U.S. to replace the invalidated Safe Harbor framework allows companies in the U.S. and EU to continue to strengthen and build our data-driven global economy while protecting individual privacy rights. This new agreement provides certainty to American and European businesses that trans-Atlantic data flows may continue and confirms the establishment of clear safeguards for protecting individual privacy rights. DMA applauds the steadfast dedication and cooperation of U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and EU Commissioner Vera Jourová and other EU and U.S. officials involved in these successful negotiations to establish a new framework to preserve data flows between the United States and European countries.”

“With soon-to-be-released research from DMA reporting significant growth in U.S. jobs and revenue generated by the data-driven marketing economy, the establishment of a new EU-U.S. data transfer agreement will allow this stimulus in the American economy to continue.”

“DMA has been an ardent and early supporter of the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor framework, working with some of the original architects and industry officials in the U.S. and Europe to craft the DMA dispute resolution services. DMA will work with the U.S. Department of Commerce on the new provisions of the ‘EU-U.S. Privacy Shield’ and continue our nearly 15 years of successful dispute resolution services as we move forward under this new agreement. DMA urges its members to review the requirements of the new agreement as they are released in the upcoming weeks, and DMA will provide in-depth analysis and compliance guidance for our members and our participant companies in the near future.”

As a leading association representing the data-driven marketing ecosystem and an authorized third-party Safe Harbor dispute resolution administrator, DMA has a unique and experienced view of the benefits provided to businesses and consumers through the responsible exchange of consumer data across the Atlantic. For nearly 15 years, DMA has successfully been serving as an independent dispute resolution provider to interested members, mediating dozens of European data privacy complaints over the years.