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October 10, 2016 – Following last week’s announcement by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Thomas Wheeler that proposed rules regarding consumer privacy and internet service providers will be on the Commission’s October 27 agenda, DMA and five other membership associations have warned against implementation of the rules. In a letter sent today to the FCC, the six organizations assert the proposed rules would “upend the established and thriving Internet economy, which relies on the support of data-driven advertising.”

Signing on to the letter along with DMA, the leading and largest U.S. data and marketing association, were the American Advertising Federation, American Association of Advertising Agencies, Association of National Advertisers, Interactive Advertising Bureau, and the Network Advertising Initiative. In total, DMA and the five organizations represent more than 5,000 U.S. corporations serving hundreds of millions of U.S. consumers that benefit from vast innovations made possible by the current advertising-funded internet.

“The success of the digital economy is not an accident; it is the product of a proven policy framework based on notice and choice and enforced by industry self-regulation,” said Emmett O’Keefe, DMA’s SVP of Advocacy. “This framework has done an excellent job protecting consumers’ privacy choices while fostering innovation that has resulted in great benefits for consumers and the U.S. economy. As drafted, the proposed rulemaking would unnecessarily put those benefits at risk.”

About DMA ( Founded in 1917, DMA is the community that champions deeper consumer engagement and business value through the innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing. DMA’s membership is made up of today’s leading tech and data innovators, brand marketers, agencies, service providers and media companies. By representing the entire marketing ecosystem – from demand side to supply side – DMA is uniquely positioned to bring win/win solutions to the market and ensure that innovative and disruptive marketing technology and techniques can be quickly applied for ROI.

DMA advances the data-driven marketing industry and serves its members through four principal pillars of leadership: advocating for marketers’ ability to responsibly gather and refine detailed data; innovating to bring solutions forward for marketers’ most vexing challenges; educating today’s marketers to grow and lead marketing organizations in the ever-increasing omnichannel world; and connecting industry participants to stay current, learn best practices and gain access to emerging solutions through &THEN – the largest global event for data-driven marketing – and DMA’s portfolio of other live events.