Demonstrates Transparency in Fundraising

Washington, DC, June 23, 2014 — The DMA Nonprofit Federation is pleased to unveil a Nonprofit Accountability Dashboard providing nonprofit organizations with a scorecard to share with donors and supporters.  DMANF urges its members to adopt the Dashboard this year. This dashboard was crafted by nonprofit and agency representatives serving on the DMANF’s Ethics Committee to demonstrate to the public that participating nonprofit organizations are transparent on fundraising. Those who adopt the dashboard will show a full and accurate picture of fundraising efforts and it is meant to enhance compliance with the DMANF’s Fundraising Principles.

Nonprofits want to be proactive – and to provide accountability and transparency as reputable organizations that serve the public — rather than waiting for an outside entity to provide a metric or scorecard that does not even give the total view, said Senny Boone, DMA general counsel.  “This dashboard is meant to provide the information directly from an organization itself and not from a third party.”

“For many years, consumers faced a patchwork of charity watchdogs who give inconsistent measurements and theories on fundraising from an outsider’s perspective. We believe those concepts are not helpful to those who support the thousands of reputable charities loved by the public who do amazing things to help our society advance. We have designed this dashboard to give the donor the key criteria needed so that they may accurately and completely review the charity’s performance each year,” said DMANF’s chair, Angel Aloma, executive director of Food For The Poor.

“We want to shape the dialogue with our donors. We are all doing amazing work and we need to provide a better way to measure a nonprofit’s effectiveness and create an evaluation tool that’s easier for the public to understand. Such accountability is essential to provide donors with an accurate picture of fundraising information they need to make wise giving decisions,” said DMANF vice chair, Mary Bogucki, senior vice president at Amergent.

Spearheaded by DMANF vice chair emeritus Tom Harrison, chairman of Russ Reid, and led by ethics committee chair Shannon McCracken, senior director, direct response marketing of Special Olympics, the new metrics allow donors to see all the important criteria that indicate a healthy nonprofit rather than reducing them to one or two simple measurements.

“Are you purposely investing to expand your donor file to increase your base? What are the annual program deliverables? Most importantly, the Nonprofit Accountability Dashboard takes a long view rather than judging the results of a single fundraising campaign. This will provide a better view of an organization’s track record and programming successes,” said Harrison.

“We urge nonprofit organizations to adopt this new dashboard and share it broadly for easy access by the public. We expect the members of the DMANF to use the dashboard to ensure donors have the information needed if they have questions on results and impact for organizations,” said McCracken.

“Fundraising takes time, effort and hard work over the course of many years. By providing added transparency we will see even greater involvement and support as we seek to achieve our missions based on the generosity of the public,” McCracken underscored.

Read the overview of the Nonprofit Accountability Dashboard and review the sample for guidance as your organization completes its own scorecard.

  • For the overview, please click here.
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  • For the sample Accountability Dashboard for your organization, please click here.
  • For DMANF Fundraising Principles, please click here.

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