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DMA Ethics & Compliance

Do not do just what is legal, but do what is right. That is the mandate for all DMA members and our call to the industry for every data-driven marketer and supplier. DMA self-regulatory guidelines are the most effective alternative to needless or restrictive regulation. They set a high bar for responsible marketing, and are flexible enough to address ongoing changes in technology, markets, consumer interest and new business practices. The DMA Ethics Policy and Ethics Operating Committees develop, update and enforce our Ethical Guidelines as part of our public trust with regulators and consumers.

DMA Ethics & Compliance Program

Sensitive and Protected Information

Marketers know how important it is to respect individual privacy when communicating with the public about marketing offers. Providing the appropriate level of transparency, notice and choice regarding consumer information is essential.


Because self-regulation and responsible marketing are so important to the overall health of the direct marketing community, DMA’s Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) department hosts free compliance briefings for DMA members. Topics range from self-regulation and privacy/ethics to environment and international affairs. To receive notification of compliance webinar offerings, please email ethics@the-dma.org.

Stay Ahead of the Mobile Enforcement Curve: Guidance from DMA and DAA

Mobile is not your Gen X SMS – it’s your Gen D Imperative! With mobile commanding greater share of digital and data-driven budgets – and collection and use of data such as location information, app usage, and mobile Web playing a more profound in personalization and engagement – the right and responsible way to handle such data is an absolute.


Ethics and Compliance: Happy New Year Mega Compliance Session!

Happy New Year Mega-Compliance Session! Join this 90-minute session on the recent self-regulatory and legal updates from the past year:

The goal of this session is to provide you with a high level view of recent changes you need to be aware of as an omni-channel data-driven marketer. Get up to speed on the rules and More…


Cross Screen Advertising…Privacy Compliance and Post Cookie Technology for Digital

Advertisers are increasingly demanding maximum reach and accountability with their digital ad spends. Moreover, they want to build and maintain relationships with customers via their laptops and mobile devices, at work and home. Given that there are limits imposed by HTTP cookies, there’s increased pressure on businesses that help advertisers reach those goals in a privacy-safe way. These include mobile operating systems, social networking platforms, ad agencies and advertising technology companies.

The focus of this webinar is to explain how the use of statistical IDs can optimize ad campaigns, while still meeting privacy standards and industry self-regulatory rules.

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