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The ANA Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Program Consumer Complaint Form

  • SECTION 1: Verification

    To qualify for consideration under the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, complaints:

  • (If the nature of your complaint originates from the U.S., then please file a complaint here.)

    Must involve a data privacy concern involving transfer of personally identifiable information (name, address, email address, phone, account information, etc.) from Switzerland to the United States. If it does not, this issue does not appear to be a data privacy complaint under the Privacy Shield Program. Please visit our Ethics Complaint page for additional ways to file ethics complaints with the ANA.

  • SECTION 2: Authorization/Consent

    Before filing your complaint with The ANA Privacy Shield Program, please note:

    The ANA Privacy Shield Program is administered by the ANA. ANA is a U.S. trade association, and our handling of your complaint will require the processing of your personal data within the United States.

    By completing and submitting the complaint form on the following pages you will authorize ANA staff to process your personal data provided by you or by the Participating Business about which you are complaining in accordance with the the ANA Complaint process. You will also authorize ANA to share that personal data with the Participating Business about which you are complaining, with the ANA Program Committee, and with technical experts, interpreters and translators and government regulators as needed, for purposes of resolving the complaint. ANA will handle your personal data in accordance with the ANA Privacy Policy.

  • The nature of the complaint must involve a participating ANA Privacy Shield Program member company. Staff will verify and inform you regarding membership status.

  • SECTION 3: Your Contact Information:

  • SECTION 4: Nature of your Complaint