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Why DMA?

Structured Innovation Program


Digital technology is changing marketing. It’s a fact DMA members experience every day. Members tell us they embrace the challenge, yet the incredibly complex solutions make it hard to generate a consistent return on innovation. Through Structured Innovation DMA has launched two programs where we are leveraging the Marketing Ecosystem to attract innovative solution providers willing and able to raise-the-bar for the benefit of the entire marketplace.

Cross Device Identification (XDID) is critical to delivering more relevant customer experiences that engage today’s connected consumers. DMA is elevating the marketplace for advertisers, agencies, publishers and XDID solutions providers with the XDID program.


The HOT ZONE is a multi-stage competition that connects early-stage, innovative startups to marketers, agencies and publishers who are seeking innovative solutions to their data-driven media and marketing challenges.

Hot Zone

Why a Structured Innovation Program?

It’s incredibly hard to keep up with innovation

  • Data-driven media, marketing and innovation are all inextricably bound.
  • The pace of innovation produces many companies whose products and services sound similar and undifferentiated in the marketplace.
  • Buyers have a hard time identifying quality solution providers, and un-proven innovation has a difficult time getting in the door to prove value.

Marketplace friction adds cost and complexity

  • The lack of standards facing early-adopters places an unnecessarily high burden of cost on disruptors.
  • Out of necessity, early implementations are all custom.
  • Lacking industry guiderails, innovators are often tasked with foundational rework with each new deployment.

How will this program accelerate innovation?

DMA’s Structured Innovation Program is designed to simplify that complexity.

lightbulb-01We match a critical-mass of buyers with innovative sellers willing to collaborate to solve high-impact data-driven marketing challenges.
lightbulb-01It’s a forum that has the scale and power to drive foundational marketplace standards that will reduce friction and improve the economics for all.

The result elevates the market so that better outcomes are achieved for everyone involved.

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