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Cross-Device Identification Solutions RFI Template


The typical consumer connects to content and advertising across three or more media devices. Consumers are becoming accustomed to seamless cross-device experiences, while marketers and media companies strive to deliver on this growing expectation.

Since the RFI’s release in September 2016, DMA has received and been incorporating feedback on the document from hundreds of marketing and media industry organizations. Enhancements range from updated language on consumer choice to revised glossary of definitions that provide more clarity for cross-device services and deliverables. Click here to learn about the industry reaction to DMA’s Cross-Device RFI.

The problem is that cross-device identity technology is still developing. And often, marketers, agencies and publishers – the buyers – aren’t fully aligned on what’s achievable from cross-device solution providers – the sellers, which is why DMA’s XDID Advisory Council has put together this RFI template which outlines the key questions the Council recommends every XDID technology buyer ask before selecting an XDID solution provider.

DMA’s XDID Council considers this template to be a quick-start guide to broader RFPs that may, for example, include marketing, media execution and measurement capabilities. The scope of this RFI template includes that which is specific to cross-device identity, and can be applied to a variety of marketing, media and customer experience use cases.

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