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Cross-Device Identification - High-Impact Data and Marketing Opportunity


Making customer experiences seamless across their devices

Marketers, agencies and media suppliers tell us that to remain competitive, they must deliver a seamless, fully-connected cross-device marketing, media and customer experience.

However, more than 75% of members surveyed said their organizations and technology stacks are not set up to provide such an integrated customer experience across media channels and devices. Early experimentation has not yielded expected results, and almost all survey respondents indicated that they are in the market for high-quality cross-device ID (XDID) solutions, but do not have the confidence to make a choice.

That’s why DMA is focusing on cross-device and cross-channel identification first. Our goal is to elevate the market’s XDID “IQ”, to reduce implementation barriers through repeatable data management and exchange standards, and ultimately to make it easier for XDID buyers and sellers to do business with confidence. The first of DMA’s new XDID resources is an RFI template that spells out in clear terms the questions marketers, agencies and publishers should be asking cross-device vendors, and the simple definitions that everyone in the identity-based marketing and media ecosystem needs to understand. Click here to download the template and begin creating stronger business partnerships and better XDID outcomes!

We'll give you the inside track – on cross-device tracking

Marketers, Agencies and Publishers...

  • Learn about the benefits and challenges of various XDID solution approaches
  • Improve speed and lower cost in your cross-device technology adoption decisions
  • Accelerate your marketing ROI and improve your customers’ cross-device experience

... and Solution Providers

  • Set industry cross-device ID data management and transmission standards – instead of being told to comply
  • Create relationships with premier marketing and media industry leaders, and become recognized broadly through DMA-facilitated exposure
  • Collaborate with groups of marketers to identify common needs and requirements that you can turn into new or improved products and services

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What industry leaders are saying around DMA’s RFI Template

“The RFI is a critical step in bringing some clarity to what has been a highly fragmented cross-device ecosystem. By standardizing a common language and educating buyers as to the questions they should be asking when considering a cross device solutions provider, we hope to create greater efficiencies for all stakeholders.” Kurt Hawks, SVP of Cross-Device & Video at Conversant

“If you think about it, we haven’t been doing people-based marketing basically since the advent of the internet. We’ve been marketing to devices. The ability to recognize the people behind the devices changes that dynamic, allowing the industry to bridge this gap and deliver coordinated, relevant messages in cross-device marketing initiatives.” Jeff Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at LiveRamp

“For a consumer packaged goods brand, the conversion typically happens offline. So being able to connect online interactions with offline purchases is critical in establishing that their ad spend is going to the right places.” Ajit Thupil, GTM Business Lead for Oracle Data Cloud

“Important terminology is defined differently by different parties in the cross-device ecosystem and buyers don’t often know how to ask the questions that will prompt relevant responses for their individual use-cases and desired outcomes.” Philipp Tsipman, VP of ConnectedID at MediaMath

“DMA’s cross-device RFI template provides a significant first step in resolving some of our most critical issues in identifying platform capabilities by creating a single set of terms and definitions to eliminate some of the grey areas when vendors describe those capabilities.” Michael Mamarella, Chief Strategy Officer at Involved Media

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