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Current Cyber Threats, Trends, and IoT: A Basic Familiarization


As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve and offer new opportunities and ways to interact, engage and connect, marketers and those working on their behalf need to be aware of the potential hazards and issues from the government’s perspective. Learn directly from the FBI and get your questions answered!

Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • How the FBI is organized to combat the various aspects of Cybercrime through prevention, outreach, and investigations.
  • Recurring themes seen across criminal and national security cyber cases.
  • Different types, motivations, and techniques of cyber actors.
  • Recent trends and targets of cyber attacks.
  • Prevention and detection strategies.
  • The InfraGard public outreach program and other FBI resources.
  • IoT's impact on security vulnerabilities and crime


Garry Brown, Highlights for Children & past Chair of the DMA Ethics Policy Committee
Senny Boone, DMA General Counsel



Special Agent Josh Saltar

Cyber Investigations, Cincinnati Division, Columbus Resident Agency

Special Agent Josh Saltar joined the FBI in 2014. Prior to joining the FBI, SA Saltar spent four years working as a civilian Intelligence Specialist for the Air Force at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, under both the cyber and counterspace squadrons. Since joining the FBI, SA Saltar has been assigned to the Cincinnati Division, Columbus Resident Agency working computer intrusion and cyber-terrorism matters.


Special Agent David Condo

InfraGard and Private Sector Coordinator, Cincinnati Division

Special Agent David Condo joined the FBI in 1999. He worked white collar crime and online child exploitation in Baltimore, Maryland for seven years and was a founding member of the FBI’s Innocent Images International Task Force. He then worked for four years at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC in the Directorate of Intelligence and the Office of Professional Responsibility. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2010 to supervise a white collar crime squad, and in 2015 he moved to Alaska to manage all criminal investigations and administrative matters in the Anchorage Division. He returned to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio in October 2016.

  • **Due to the FBI protocols, this webinar was not recorded. Please sign in to view supplemental resources.

    For more information on the session, please contact the moderators:
    Garry Brown
    Highlights for Children & past Chair of the DMA Ethics Policy Committee

    Senny Boone
    DMA’s General Counsel & SVP of Compliance and Ethics


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