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A Decade of Surveying Analytic Professionals: 2017 Survey Highlights


Over 1,100 analytic professionals from around the globe participated in this year’s Data Science Survey. Karl Rexer will present highlights of the recent survey results and discuss trends from the past decade.

For this 2017 survey, programming languages were included in the Analytic Tool questions including how Python, Java, and SQL rank in usage against R and commercial software packages.

Results will include:

  • What algorithms and tools they report using,
  • What they think about self-service analytics,
  • Deep learning and the state of analytic deployment, and
  • Their feelings about job satisfaction and job prospects.



Karl Rexer, Ph.D.

Rexer Analytics

Karl Rexer founded Rexer Analytics in 2002. Karl and his teams provide predictive modeling and analytic consulting to clients across many industries. In addition to leading client engagements, Karl is a predictive analytics evangelist, frequently speaking and moderating at international conferences. He is also a guest lecturer each semester in Babson College’s Business Analytics MBA courses, and serves on the Corporate Advisory Boards for the Business Analytics programs at both Babson College and Bentley University. Prior to founding Rexer Analytics, Karl held leadership positions at several consulting firms and two multi-national banks. Karl holds a PhD from the University of Connecticut.

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