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What is a GPU and Why Should Marketers Care?


As the explosion of human data continues to skyrocket, the challenges associated with accessing and exploring that data in a timely manner also continue to grow. With traditional platforms deteriorating under the onslaught of information, a new solution, born out of gaming technology, has come into being - GPU-driven analytics.

In this webinar, Justin Sears, VP of Product Marketing of MapD, will explain how GPUs are disrupting the way we do data-driven marketing with lightening fast analytics and enhanced visualization. He will discuss why GPUs are uniquely suited to satisfy the daunting needs of today's marketers, such as their ability to instantly analyze and visualize massive volumes of data to identify trends, opportunities and potential business threats, as well as provide opportunities for personalization and millisecond performance.

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of the emerging role of GPU technology in marketing and its capabilities for marketers
  • How to tackle lagging query times and poor campaign analysis with GPU-enabled analytics to instantly access and glean insights from data
  • How GPU-enabled analytics can facilitate a collaborative model of engagement across internal teams and with customers



Justin Sears

VP of Product Marketing

Justin leads product marketing at MapD. Justin has led product marketing and product management programs at both small tech start-ups and mature public companies, including Symantec and Wells Fargo. He came to MapD from Hortonworks, where he created product marketing programs that positioned the company as the leader in open-source connected data platforms. In his time there, Hortonworks grew from a handful of subscribers to over one thousand enterprise customers, including more than half of the US Fortune 100. Justin holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a BA in International Relations from Stanford.

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