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Machine Learning in Marketing – a Practitioners Perspective

From Attendee Jessica: "Machine Learning in Marketing – a Practitioners Perspective was the best breakdown I’ve heard of what AI and machine learning actual ARE instead of just using them as buzzwords."


Machine Learning (ML) has created unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses. It has also evoked extreme reactions from the fear of the machines taking over to exuberance associated with the possibilities. History has proven that businesses do not move at the speed recommended by pundits to benefit from the possibilities. After all, given the choice between the extremes of being a rabbit or a tortoise, it is better to be the steady tortoise and build on the time tested fundamentals at a sustainable and industry leading pace.

Join us on Wednesday, May 23, when Mark and Amit discuss how you can manage this shift and benefit from machine learning enabled solutions for your business. They will focus on machine learning applications in marketing and digital analytics. Also, they will cover how machine learning can be leveraged to optimize decisions across the marketing mix such as audience selection, product recommendations, offer, message, creative, next best action, and enable personalized, omni-channel customer experience.

They will cover key success factors and share learning from real case studies.

Gather your team and join us for another engaging session in our monthly Analytics Community webinar series.



Amit Despande


As senior vice president of Epsilon's Strategy & Insights group, Amit explains his job simply as helping clients grow the customer base and revenue profitably. Not so simple is how he and his team go about achieving it. “We look to gain insight through segmentation, predictive modeling, machine learning, profiling exercises, test and learn approaches, and proper measurement including cross-channel attribution,” he says. With ~20 years of experience and expertise in B2B and B2C analytics, Amit also shares his knowledge through thought-leadership speaking engagements at client and industry events. Prior to Epsilon, Amit directed marketing analytics at FedEx, where he helped move the company to an integrated multi-channel marketing approach.


Mark Sucrese

VP of Machine Learning and Marketing A.I.

As vice president of Marketing Intelligence, Mark manages Epsilon’s machine learning and artificial intelligence delivery services team. He has over a decade in designing best-in-class solutions for; machine learning, AI, database marketing, and analytical technologies for some of the world’s largest companies. He designed and launched first use of content optimization and cognitive learning for all industry verticals using the principles of the “psychology of color” and “customer intent tagging” - 2016 to present. Mark built Epsilon’s simulation and AI lab from the ground up. This laboratory allows Epsilon to work directly with clients on all “test & learn” opportunities in search innovation and proving ROI within each business case - 2016 to present. He also created Epsilon chat and messaging BOT development environment for all enterprise verticals in support various client needs - 2017 to present. Prior to joining the Epsilon team in 2014, Mark spent 10 years as the head of marketing technology at Dell Computers.

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