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Social CRM: How to Apply CRM Principles to the Largest, Most Powerful Database in the World


How do you measure the ROI of social media? It’s a question that has been asked thousands of times.

When it comes to the ROI of social it seems some have foregone the expectation, opting to use social media as a comms channel. For others, any hope of measuring ROI stops at tracking redemption rates of coupons distributed through social media. But for the team at Social Lab, Social CRM is opening up more opportunities than ever before to track social efforts with current and potential customers from first engagement through to sale and beyond.

Social CRM is about building an always-on engagement program that identifies prospects and drives them through the funnel by showing people relevant content based on their location in the funnel. It is completely measurable (via targeting and online tracking) and will reveal a ROI on your social media spend.

During this panel, you will hear from senior leadership and strategists at Social Labs as they provide an overview on the fundamental principles driving Social CRM programs, and how brands like Philips are reaping significant return by engaging customers through social channels.

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Benjamin Snyers

Head of US Operations
Social Lab US

Paolo Sintobin

Social Strategist
Social Lab US

Marco Roncaglio

Senior Director Online Marketing & CRM, Personal Care
Philips Global

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark An overview on the principles of Social CRM
  • checkmark How Philips leveraged Social CRM to increase digital ROI by 50%.

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