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Behavioral Economics and The Future of Marketing


Humans are complex and simply reflecting them through data, even big data, might seem limiting. For years the marketing and research world tried to convince us that more data would be the solution to more predictability — better models could tell us when, who, where and what. And though we have come closer, we still don’t know why people do the things they do or will do in the future.

This session will explore these companies: Instacart, Charity Charge Credit Card, United Way and others, and explain how understanding individual’s decision process and the principle of behavioral economics will have an enormous impact on the future of marketing and data science.



Christian Goy

Co-founder and Managing Director
Behavioral Science Lab

Christian Goy is the co-founder and managing director of Behavioral Science Lab. He started his career in strategic planning demonstrating his insight with the consumer on both the client and agency sides. This aptitude led to his contribution to the development of behavioral economic research tools, which explain why consumers make purchase decisions. He has directed advertising agency research teams for several Fortune 50 companies, translating research results into new effective and cost efficient brand and marketing strategies. Today, Christian is rethinking how behavioral economics research tools apply to brand, product and business applications. A native of Germany, and former Olympics Track and Field hopeful, Christian holds a BA in Management and Organizational Development and an MBA with a marketing focus from Illinois State University.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark How behavioral economics can help redefine what customers truly want from the products and services you offer
  • checkmark Why redefining your customers by how they think becomes crucial for future marketers, data scientist and profitability
  • checkmark How behavioral economics can help you reshape your CRM, marketing and business strategy for the future

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